"Are you sure?  ’Cause, like, I was talking to this turian and he said humans had, like, latent eye-laser related abilities and he had some pretty good pages on the extranet to support his claim!"

[tilts head to the side] "If we do I have yet to hear about it. Are you sure the webpages were reliable sources?"

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"Shepard I don’t think that’s how it works."


"I’m being completely honest here."




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She shrugs, draws back and commits to the move, folding her arms across her chest and watching his turn. “Yeah, well. Where I grew up, you spend too much time thinkin’ and don’t move your ass, you can end up just as dead,” she said dryly, then added grudgingly, “Never had to keep an eye out for more than m’self though.”

"Fair enough." He replied, grabbing the dice and shaking them in his hand. "And you’re partially right. If you stop and think for too long you’re likely to get your ass handed to you." He rolled the dice was an easy flick of his wrist, his mouth twisting into a frown at the terrible numbers. 

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   She chuckles, but she’s still crying, the smile on her face brimming with sadness.  She sniffles and wipes away her tears for the umpteenth time.  Tears and dirt wipe off on both hand and cheek.  ”I’ll be back for you.  I promise you.”  She bites her lip as she takes a last look at her father-figure before running off, pistol in hand.

Anderson smiles up at her, his eyes crinkling around the corners. “I know you will.” He watches her turn and run off, his mask cracking. Pain and fear roll through his mind and he gasps for air. The edges of his vision are getting hazy, and he knows that death can’t be far off. He’s grateful that Shepard’s not here. Happy that she doesn’t have to see him like this. He pulls his hand away from his chest and stares at the blood pooling in the crevices of his hand. "God damn…" 

Time seemed to stretch out before him, and he closed his eyes. Flames continued to spread through his body, followed shortly by ice. Opening his eyes he turned and stared in the direction Shepard had run off in. A lifetime seems to pass before he heard the sound of boots hitting metal and he sighed. "Shepard?" He called weakly, his eyes sliding shut at the effort it took to speak. 

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