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"I’m physically well. Maybe my soul will recover if I keep having small victories. A Rachni ship was able to evacuate a Turian science station with no casualties. A team of commandos cleared out an Atlas production facility on Tuchanka, leaving the machinery intact for Clan Urdnot to use as they see fit. We will survive, and more importantly, we will live."

The small report gives him a small sense of peace, and eh relaxes a little bit, even opting to give her a soft smile. "That’s good to hear, Shepard. everyone back here will be glad to get some good news. But what about you. These days I barely hear anything about you.”


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Sere Anderson. [straightens respectfully] An honor to meet you in person.

"Krios, wasn’t it? A pleasure. Shepard’s told me a lot about you." [he extends his hand to shake the drell’s, smiling]


   Anderson.  I have to get back to Anderson.  That was her repeating thought as she was clawing her way through the sea of corpses piled through the battered station.  They were on her heels.  She couldn’t lead them to him, but she needed to get somewhere with more room or they would overwhelm her.

   And she couldn’t fail Anderson.

   She was running back the way she had come, where Anderson was, pulling the trigger at each creature that ran at her.  When the last one fell and there was silence around her save her breathing, she heard the call.  Anderson.

   Ariana turned and ran to the voice, growing weak.  She found Anderson sat up against the wall where she had left him, and she clumsily holstered her pistol and kneeled down next to him.  ”I told you I’d come back for you.  I promised.”

He wearily opened his eyes and stared her in the eye. She was back. God damn it. He could feel himself slowly dying off in bits and pieces. He didn’t want her to be there when he finally… Even now it was hard to think of himself as dying. But the thought was still there, and it sent trills of fear racing down his spine. 

"I know you did, child. I know you did." Talking took too much effort, and he leaned his head back against the wall and panted. Each breath seemed to run it’s nails down the sides of his throat, and he released a few coughs, which turned his panting into wheezes. 

"Shepard-" He couldn’t say it. As much as he wanted her to leave, to run and save herself and mabybe have a chance at living a normal life, he didn’t want to be alone. He had been alone for so long, that being alone now… It just wasn’t something he wanted.

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           Monica raised an eyebrow. "I want the Alliance off my back." She had enough to deal with between the Alliance, Cerberus, and C-Sec. She could do with one of them being eliminated.

Anderson raised a brow of surprise at her. He had expected something a little more, from the ex-Cerberus agent, though he could easily fulfill her request. "You don’t ask for much do you?" Looking down at the reports he nodded once, the action firm and decisive. "Agreed, Ms. Galey."

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Steve opened the door to his room, only barely saluting to the Admiral.


"I’m sorry it took so long to get to the door, Sir. I was in bed." And had obviously been drinking, crying. Mourning the death of his husband.

The admiral smiled as softly as he could at the other man, and waved away his excuse with one hand. "It’s fine, Lieutenant. I-" He what? Understood? How did one understand such things like this? "I just wanted to make sure that you were alright."

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"Are you sure?  ’Cause, like, I was talking to this turian and he said humans had, like, latent eye-laser related abilities and he had some pretty good pages on the extranet to support his claim!"

[tilts head to the side] "If we do I have yet to hear about it. Are you sure the webpages were reliable sources?"

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"Shepard I don’t think that’s how it works."


"I’m being completely honest here."